Confidentiality policy

Personal Data

We commit ourselves to making the « collecte » and treatment of your data, done on the www.parisalenvers.com website, conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the law of Data Protection.

This Policy makes you aware of how Paris à l’envers, its subcontractors and eventual partners deal with your personal data.

This Policy applies to the customers and users of the offers and services that Paris à l’envers has to provide. It may be completed by specific informations made known to the user, about a specific offer or service.


What are your rights

Each individual has the right to access, rectify or suppress any data regarding oneself. One can ask the portability of such data. One also has the right to oppose any data treatment that has been made or ask for it to be limited.

Moreover, one can give orders about the conservation, suppression or communication of one’s personal data for when one is deceased.

Specific rule to cold calling ; any consumer can subscribe for free on an opposition list named

« Bloctel » so that they won’t be cold called anymore by a professional they haven’t any current contact with. The consumer can subscribe on the website www.bloctel.gouv.fr or via postmail adressed to : Société Opposetel, Service Bloctel, 6, rue Nicolas Siret – 10 000 Troyes


How to exercise your rights

You can exercise your rights and contact the Personal data’s Protection Representative at anytime using the adresses mentionned bellow.

For any information or exercise of your rights about personal data’s treatments handled by Paris à l’envers, you can contact its representative of data protection (DPO):

  • with this form and by providing a scan of an identification paper
  • or via a postmail signed and delivered with the copy of an identification paper adressed to the following ;

Paris à l’envers 5ter, rue Pierre de Coubertin 91120 Palaiseau France

If you don’t receive any proper response, you have the opportunity to submit a reclamation to the Information Commissionner’s Office (CNIL), a supervisory authority regarding the regulation about personal data in France.


Purposes of your personal data’s treatment

Paris à l’envers only handles personal data for precise, declared and legitimate purposes. Paris à l’envers doesn’t handle these data in a way that doesn’t match with these purposes. Therefore, the purposes pursued by Paris à l’envers are the following :

  • Treatment of the contact form’s data
  • The gathering, transmission and saving of data in order to enter in contact with the firm.
  • Sending of an email




Customer knowledge and audience statistics of the website

The firm Paris à l’envers can use data in order to get a better understanding of its customers or to establish statistics that will allow to make the services better. We proceed to audience measurements and count, for example, the amount of visits on the website as well as the visitors’ activities and the frequency to which they come back.


Sending of messages via email

With the informations collected and if you didn’t oppose to that, you will be able to receive informations and offers from us through electronic messages (email). We measure the opening rate of our electronic sendings in order to better adapt them to your needs.


What are the data handled

Paris à l’envers only handles a data or category of data when it is absolutely needed to reach its purpose. You can find informations about these purposes below.

Paris à l’envers categorises the data as follows:

  • Identity information: name, surname
  • Personal information: email, address, phone number
  • Localisation information


Who receives your data?

The collected data is sent to the internal services of the website and its subcontractors

Once the data is processed, it can finally be transmitted to the authorities requesting it as part of judicial procedures but also for judicial research, information databases or other legal obligations.


Is your data processed outside of the EU?

The collected data can be processed outside of the European Union. In this case, Paris à l’envers, its subcontractors and partners take the necessary precautions to guarantee an adequate level of protection, in keeping with the regulations.

If the subcontractors and the partners in question did not sign the Privacy Shield agreement, which covers data transfers to the USA, or if they are not located in a country with a legal frame that is considered protective enough, they would sign in advance the European Commission’s “standard contractual clauses”, or they would answer to the Intern Contractor Rule, approved by the authorities.


How is your data secured?

Paris à l’envers ensures that your data process is secured and confidential but also certain subcontractors’ data operations. In this latter case, the appropriate technical and organisational measures are put into place to avoid the loss, exploitation, alteration or removal of your personal data. These measures evolve according to the threat level to the processed data, and the risk level of the treatment

Personal data of minors

The user must imperatively indicate if they are older than 16 years old when creating their account. If they are not, they will not be able to order on Paris à l’envers’s website.